We currently have our Weight Loss Workshop running every 2nd Tuesday. You are welcome to come along anytime ... Cost is $50 including snacks

Hypnosis Group sessions are a great way to learn about yourself, explore the power of your mind, move closer to your goals, and overcome challenges in a fun, affordable, and relaxing way. Through out the year I offer a variety of group sessions focused on different themes. There are many opportunities to have fun, learn and grow. These group offerings are a great place to introduce yourself to the benefits of Hypnosis. New clients who are waiting for their sessions can familiarize them selves with the process while they wait for their sessions package to begin. Group sessions can also help you decide if a session package is right for you. Every group session will have an introduction to hypnosis, lecture/discussion of the topic, and a group hypnosis session. Please feel free to suggest to or bring a friend.